Rodents are very common pets. There are a wide variety of species that people enjoy keeping, from little mice to guinea pigs and chinchillas. Here is a list of some useful articles all about rodents (working on my list right now 😉 ):

I’d suggest starting with my Small Rodents as Pets article to give you an understanding of caring for the smaller species.

I’d like to share a few products that I think are helpful with these little furry guys. If you’d like to keep your pet’s nails clipped, I recommend these very small nail clippers and be sure you watch for the quicks (usually seen as pink in light-colored nails). In some cases, you will want to just clip the pointy tip off if you can’t see the quick. Some rodents don’t even need their nails clipped or they have flat nails so human nail clippers may work better.

Things for their cage set up I will put in this paragraph. Examples of good hiding houses for guinea pigs or rats are here, and one for the smaller rodents is something like this. These are wooden and are safe to chew, but also cozy and will make them feel safe. Carefresh and Aspen Bedding are great choices to combine for their cages to stay cleaner and not smell as bad. And the Prevue Small Animal Home is great for the smaller rodents like mice and hamsters. Or the Guinea Pig Habitat for a single guinea pig or doubled up for a pair.

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