My pets

I’d like to share my pets on this page for those interested. I can’t say that there have been too many times in my life that I have been without a pet. Pets add so much to my life. In the past, I have owned various species of rodents, many species of birds, reptiles, fish, aquatic invertebrates, amphibians, rabbits, horses, cats, and of course, dogs.

Right now I own dogs, cats, and a small flock of finches. I actually breed zebra finches and am trying to breed cordon blue and red-billed firefinches. I do my best to only breed high-quality birds and am always willing to take back any birds I sell if they don’t work out in their homes. I don’t produce many chicks each year to allow them to get a lot of rest. I breed the less commonly seen (around here) mutations of zebra finch called black cheeks. I have a variety with the black cheek mutation such as lightback, CFW, and fawn. I’m also hoping to work with the black breast mutation as some of my birds carry this gene. Aside from the breeding aspect, I thoroughly enjoy watching my birds and listening to their songs. It can truly relax me just to sit in the room with them. They’ve also inspired some of my colored pencil drawings.

Our dogs are a big part of our family. Zeb is a very large husky mix who thinks he’s a 100 lb lap dog. Juniper is what I believe to be an Australian shepherd mixed with blue heeler, but I’d even believe there is some border collie in there too. I hugely believe in adoption so we don’t know their full histories, but they are wonderful dogs. We also love that they both have a blue and a brown eye, but are opposites on which eye is which. My husband had Zeb before we met and I had Juniper, we met, and discovered that our dogs “matched.” It must have been meant to be, right? 🙂 I even wrote, illustrated, and published a children’s book base on our dogs, see it in my Shop! (Sadly, we have had to euthanize Zeb in his old age due to being unable to walk anymore. We will always miss our sweet Zebbie)

Our cats DC and Odin are such characters. They are cute and the sweetest cats you ever met. Odin not only does the normal purring of a happy cat but will actually drool and “knead” you while you pet him. He’s quite silly. DC is a cuddle bug who we’ve had since he was born and we call Odin his uncle because he seems to have mentored him as he grew up. 🙂 (Note: Our cats were farm cats and now spoiled inside kitties)

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