Dogs are known as man’s best friend (though many of us women love them too!) and anyone wanting to have a dog should know the care they require. You will find many articles here about dogs and all the many aspects of owning them. Dogs are great companions who should always be part of the family and not forced to live outside alone.

Check out the Overview of Dog Care article I wrote for a basic idea of what dogs need. And Oral Health for Your Pet to better understand caring for your dog’s teeth.

Learn all about whether you should Buy or Adopt a dog.

Are you trying to decide on what breed of dog┬ámay work in your home? Here’s the link you need: Choosing a Breed of Dog

Definitely be sure to check out How Boredom Causes Behavior Problems in Dogs. You may just discover why your dog is acting up!

Here I will also post a few of my favorite dog products, as well. If you are looking to clip your own dog’s nails, I will recommend Miller’s Forge Large size nail clippers for larger dogs and the Miller’s Forge Medium size nail clippers for other dogs. As a dog groomer, these clippers stood up to daily nail clipping. For grinding nails, most dog owners could use this Dremel grinding tool. If you have multiple dogs to grind nails on, do grinding often, or have very large dogs with thick nails, I personally use this Dremel Micro grinding tool instead. It has a much longer-lasting lithium-ion battery and can be left on the base charging between uses.

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