Many people enjoy keeping birds as pets. Whether to watch them flit about and sing or to be able to bring them out of the cage to interact, birds can be quite fun pets. Here I will post articles as they are written, the first being on how to choose the type of bird that will best work well in your home. Please check this out:

Choosing a Bird

I will also list some products for birds that I particularly like and have used.

The large size Vision Cage on Amazon is one of my favorite cages. Though there is no pull-out tray, the plastic around the base does a wonderful job of keeping the mess birds create, contained inside. I would recommend the large size for most of the smaller birds like finches. You may also be able to keep a budgie or two in there. I would not recommend the smaller cages for long term living. There are also great wire cages that are 30″ x 18″ x 18″ that don’t keep the mess in, but give plenty of flying space. For medium sized birds, the Best Choice Parrot Cage is surprisingly a great cage for an affordable price. I used this cage when I had Quaker Parrots.

For my finches, I use Kaytee Supreme Bird Finch Food. I buy 25lbs at a time because I have a large number of finches. This food does not have the small black seeds that my finches dislike. Along with this, I will get millet sprays from time to time. Millet can be given to any birds. I buy just a small pack or four at a time (currently quite cheap as an add-on item on Amazon). Hookbill birds should have more pellets than seed and I feel RoudyBush Daily Maintenance Crumbles are high quality. Of course, also given with fruits and veggies.

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