About me


Hi, my name is Jerica. My life has always been about creating art and not only learning about animals but enjoying the company of them. I have combined my art and my pet knowledge into this website.

I’ve always been a very creative person. I started with just regular pencils and paper, drawing my own pets. Over the years, I have expanded to many mediums including graphite pencil, colored pencil, pen, and acrylic and watercolor paint. I’ve also started dabbling in digital drawings.

I love to create and learned macrame several years ago and have now started making unique necklaces using macrame knotting and handpicked beads that I feel make for a lovely piece of jewelry. The inspirations for most of my necklaces come from nature and I like to use stone beads and tumbled stones for pendants.

Along with art, I love to write. I began writing around the age of 10 or so and began writing a novel at 12. I edited it over the years and finally got that novel published at 17 (back in 2005) though it is unavailable at this time, I hope to republish it. I have several concepts for novels started, so hopefully one day I can have several books written.

Just in December of 2018, I published the children’s book I wrote and illustrated! It’s called Zeb and Juniper and is based on mine and my husband’s dogs. It’s a cute little story with nice bright illustrations. This book is now available in my Shop on this website!

I originally formed a website called Critter Compass to share articles I’ve written about pet care and now those are available on here. The majority of my pet knowledge comes from actual experience either owning those pets or working with them. I have vast amounts of pet ownership experience, time as a vet tech student learning and working with a large number of species, and have owned a pet grooming salon, working as the sole groomer. My specialization as a vet tech student was small animals and exotics because that is what I enjoyed working with the most.

I have had very few times in my life where I haven’t owned at least one pet. At this time we have dogs, cats, and birds. Check out My pets page if you want to meet our pets!

If you would like something created just for you, please contact me via my Contact Me page. I am available for pet drawings, illustrations, logo design, or possibly other artistic or writing services.

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